Zenvo TSR-S Price in India, Top Speed, Engine

The racing car which is popular these days is the Zenvo TSR-S. There are many unique points that differentiate this model as compared to others. Due to top speed people like this vehicle and now they are searching for Zenvo TSR-S Price in India which is approximately 10.5 Crore. 5.8 Liter engine power with V8 inserted besides its horsepower is 1200Hp. Moreover, 7-speed gearbox transmission.

Zenvo TSR-S Price in India

The estimated cost after import in India Zenvo TSR-S price in India is INR 10,500,0000. Only two people can sit in this vehicle because it is a sports car. Further, famous racers are using those who belong to different countries.

Zenvo TSR-S Price in INR INR 10,500,0000 {Approx}

Zenvo TSR-S

Zenvo TSR-S Top Speed

Right now the top speed of Zenvo TSR-S is 325kmph according to the official webpage of this company. In the field of racing, this is the fastest vehicle produced by Zenvo company.

Top Speed 325kmph

Zenvo TSR-S Engine

V8 flat plane high-revving racing engine with Twin Superchargers engine technology installed in this car as well engine power is 5800Cc.

Engine Displacement 5.8-litre
Engine Technology V8, Supercharged

Zenvo TSR-S Specs

Before buying a highly expensive vehicle people ask for specifications and some people want to compare it with Ferrari and Bugatti because their prices are the same as the vehicle.

  • The latest technology engine which is perfect for racers is available.
  • The V8 Engine of Zenvo TSR-S is twin supercharged.
  • Engine capacity is 5800Cc.
  • Its maximum torque value is 1100Nm.

Zenvo TSR S Colors

Outer body color does not exist in a single shade because when it was launched the outer color was white and blue. So, when you book the color must choose.

  • White
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Grey

Zenvo TSR S Interior

The interior color scheme of Zenvo is unique because when the production of its interior was started, experts had different opinions about the design. Room condition, style, specs, features, and seat design like everything unique.

Zenvo TSR-S

With the passage of time, the industry automobile trend has changed people differently as compared to previous vehicle production. So, different automobile manufacturing companies have to understand people’s needs and they produce according to people’s desired vehicle. Further, Zenvo TSR-S Price in India that around 105 Million Indian rupees.

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