Ferrari Monza SP2 Price in India Vs SP1, Top Speed, Horsepower

All cars whose speed beat your eyesight are liked by the racers and these Ferrari options are favorite ones. Upon knowing the SP1 and Ferrari Monza SP2 Price in India which is in millions of rupees, you must get shocked at once. In India region people like Ferrari because this is the fastest vehicle. This model comes with a 6.5 L engine with V12 and the production of horsepower is 810Hp and the maximum torque value is 719. Major specs along with features are listed.

Ferrari Monza SP2 Price in India

Appreciators of sports cars with top pick now attract towards the Ferrari SP1 and SP2 because both are manufactured for quick speed. Moreover, Ferrari SP2 price is 13 Crore and SP1 price is approx 20 Crore.

Ferrari SP2 Price in India INR 13,000,0000

Ferrari Monza SP2

Ferrari Monza SP1 Price in India

With a budget of 20 Crore Ferrari introduced another vehicle name Monza Sp1. Company issue statement regarding production of both model manufacturers combined.

Ferrari Monza SP1 Price in India Rupees INR 20,000,0000
  • Price Comparison:
Ferrari Monza SP1 Ferrari Monza SP2
INR 20 Crore INR 13 Crore

Ferrari Monza SP2 Top Speed

The basic purpose of the big engine installation is to increase the top speed as compared to other competitors. Around 310 kmph is the top speed but this info is not accurate because we gather it through different sources.

Top Speed 310 KMPH
  • Reach to 100 KM per hour in only: 3 Second (Approx.)

Ferrari Monza SP2 Horsepower

Yes, a very powerful engine is inserted in it which produces 810 horsepower. Till now limited vehicles exist that offer the same engine and horsepower vehicle.

Horsepower 810 Hp

Ferrari Monza SP2 Specs

People know that in every model Ferrari introduces new specs which does not exist in the previous model so basically, this is a unique point of this company.

Engine Displacement 6.5 Liters
Engine Type V12
Maximum Torque 719
Horsepower 810 Hp
Cylinders 12

Ferrari Monza SP2 Colors

For young age people which color is best for the Ferrari Monza SP2? This is a major point that comes to mind and people are confused. For guidance, this model will be available in Black, White, Silver, Red, and some other shades.

  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Silver

Ferrari Monza SP2 Interior

The Interior of Monza SP2 is decorated with unique and elegant designs like its seats, front dashboard, gearbox, steering, seats, and room space. Further, in the below images, you can see them.

Ferrari Monza SP2 Interior

Everything about prices of Ferrari Monza SP2 and SP1 which has been issued by the company written as well as it is not available in the Indian market because its production is going to start soon. But we can hope at the end of this year the availability of this vehicle will be possible in India. Further approximate figure regarding the Ferrari Monza SP2 Price in India is only for rich buyers.

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