Lamborghini Sian Price in India 2023, Owners, Top Speed KM/H

With an engine power of 6.5 Liters V12 which produces 808 horsepower Lamborghini Sian is available in India. Lamborghini Sina now exists in India but is imported because the official company has not launched. Famous cricketers, Business person, and Bollywood celebrities own this vehicle in India so it is a well-known model of Lamborghini company. The interior and outer shape of this car are too gorgeous as well as two people can sit.

Lamborghini Sian Price in India 2023

The latest Lamborghini Sian price in India is INR 29,000,0000. You can import this vehicle in applied for the condition because, in the local market, it is available in used condition.

Lamborghini Sian Price in India INR 29,000,0000

Lamborghini Sian Price in India

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Lamborghini Sian Owners in India

In India many famous and well-reputed people who belong to different industries own Lamborghini. Some popular stars and business person names are listed in the table.

Who Owns Lamborghini Sian in India?
  • Mukesh Ambani
  • Rohit Shetty
  • Rohit Sharma
  • Ranveer Singh
  • Hardik Pandya
  • Yuvraj Singh

Lamborghini Sian Top Speed KM/H

Due to its high-speed Lamborghini Sian is popular in India. Around 350KMPH is the top speed of this model. The young generation likes these cars because they are mostly famous highest speed vehicles.

Top Speed 350KMPH

Lamborghini Sian Mileage Per Liter

Big engine 6.5 Liters, V12 installed. Definitely, people must check the fuel average before buying this vehicle. These types of cars are not fuel efficient because companies inserted big engines so that’s they are unsuccessful in giving good mileage.

Fuel Average 6 to 8 KM

Lamborghini Sian Specs

Everyone knows which unique specs have to be inserted by a company because they claim these specs do not exist in another vehicle.

How many Cylinders? 12 Cylinders
Displacement 6.5L
Engine Type V12
Petro | Diesel Petrol
Horsepower 785hp
What is Maximum Torque? 531 Nm

Lamborghini Sian Colors

In which color Lamborghini is now available in the Market? So the names of all colors in which Lamborghini is now available are listed.

  • Grigio Adamas
  • Arancio Atlas
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White

Lamborghini Sian Interior

Fabulous design interior has been made for Lamborghini Sian as you can see in the below image. Because the majority of people look for interior images.

Lamborghini Sian interior

This model of Lamborghini is demandable because the richest people like this type of car. At times several people who own this vehicle listed above as well as the latest approximate price figure of Lamborghini Sian is now mentioned.

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