Mustang GT 800 Price in India

Ford company just released Mustang GT 800 model but it will be available in late 2024 or early 2025 according to a CNN report. Everyone is excited to know the Mustang GT 800 Price in India which will be INR 2,48,00,000. Currently, Ford has inserted a 5.2 L engine which supercharges V8 in all Mustang series. This vehicle will be launched in a sports shape with a two-person seating capacity. According to media reports, this is the fastest vehicle that has been going to be launched by Ford in the coming year.

Mustang GT 800 Price in India

Ford Mustang GT 800 Price is INR 2, 48,00,000. Right now company just issued the model of this vehicle but it will be available in last of 2024. People looking company will launch this model in India? this is not confirmed because officially not a statement.

Mustang GT 800 Price in India INR 2, 48,00,000
Mustang GT 800 Price in Dollars 300,000 Dollars

Mustang GT 800

Mustang GT 800

Mustang GT 800 Launch Date in India

The expected date to launch of Mustang GT800 is in 2025 India. So, people who are interested in buying this vehicle will wait till launch.

Launch Date in India Late 2024 and Early 2025

Mustang GT 800 Top Speed

At this time no info about top speed exists because it does not come on the road. So, when the company officially launches and tests on the road about speed we will give an update.

Top Speed Update Soon

Mustang GT 800 Mileage

We can expect the company will install a 5.2L supercharged engine in this model but it is not sure. Fuel average depends on engine power and its type.

Fuel Average No info exist

Mustang GT 800 Specifications

  • 5200Cc engine will be introduced with supercharged engine technology.
  • It will come with 8 Cylinders.
  • Maximum torque value does not exist.
  • The engine fuel type is Petrol.

Mustang GT 800 Colors

Media reported that white, Blue, Black, and Silver color must be available in this model while other shades have not been available till now.

White Blue Black Silver

After the Mustang GT800 in the field of racing its demand increased day by day because many models are already used in racing due to high speed. Some well-reputed racers who are famous in this field are waiting. Further, when production of this vehicle starts then is will start to import in India. Above we have discussed the Mustang GT 800 Price in India.

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