Pagani Codalunga Price in India, Interior, Top Speed

With a unique body style, Pagani Codalunga launched and the company sell till now many units. People who belong to India have imported this car and now youngsters asking for Pagani Codalunga price in India which is approx INR 58 Crore. 5,980 Cc engine whose technology is V12 twin turbo inserted boosts the speed of this vehicle. Moreover, a 7-speed automatic transmission gearbox is introduced with a stylish design and look.

Pagani Codalunga Price in India

The Codalunga model is a top luxury vehicle and its price in Indian Rupees is INR 58,000,0000. The outer shape of this model is gorgeous and does not match with another vehicle.

Pagani Codalunga Price in INR INR 58,000,0000

Pagani Codalunga

Pagani Codalunga Interior

The interior design of Pagani Codalunga design with two different colors like silver and brown. On the other hand, its steering wheel and front dashboard design is much more elegant as well as several different options and features have been inserted. In addition, you can see in below image.

Pagani Codalunga Interior

Pagani Codalunga Top Speed

The trend has changed and now people prefer to which cars which give much high speed. According to people’s opinion, the top speed of Codalunga is around 375KMPH.

Top Speed 375 KMPH

Pagani Codalunga Specs

Unique specs that do not exist in another vehicle are given that differentiate them from other sports models.

Engine Displacement 5,980 Cc
Body Type Cope
Engine Type V12, Turbo Charged
Torque 811 lb
Transmission 7 Speed Automatic
Horsepower 840hp

Some richest people have bought this vehicle and now they are using it. In addition, this car does not come right now in the racing field but now people are going to be aware regarding the top speed of this car. The latest specs and features have been introduced in this car. The interior and exterior design of this car is too unique, especially the front facelift. Moreover, this is available in India but rare while its price depends on the outer body and engine condition.

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