Deus Vayanne Price in India, Top Speed

Two seater sports vehicle Deus Vayanne is now famous worldwide due to its top speed and other specs. Everybody looking Deus Vayanne Price in India which is approximately INR 16 Crore. This is the first electric vehicle that has been introduced in the sports body and is demandable in the international market. Single speed, 550 kW motor installed which produces 2.243 HP. Most important what is the top speed of Deus Vayanne which is 400 KM.

Deus Vayanne Price in India

Exact price of Deus Vayanne is INR 16,000,0000. In this price range, Ferrari, Bugatti, and Lamborghini vehicles exist but it’s not come with electric technology.

Deus Vayanne Price in INR INR 16,000,0000

Deus Vayanne

Deus Vayanne Top Speed

This is fully electric so that’s why people find the top speed of Deus Vayanne which is 400 Km. This info is collected from the official webpage of the company.

Top Speed 400 Km

Deus Vayanne Engine

Major facts about the Deus Vayanne engine that need to be known to everyone are here at the table. Before book, this car must see the specs.

Power 2.243 HP
Torque 2.040 Nm
Front DriveTrain Single-speed, 550 kW motor
Rear DriveTrain Single speed, 2 x 550 kW motors
Range 500 km
Charging Time 20 minutes to 80% SOC
Battery Cooling Base Plate Liquid

Deus Vayanne Horsepower

Basically, this is a sports vehicle, and for high-speed horsepower is much a matter. The horsepower of Deus Vayanne is 2.243 HP.

Horsepower 2.243 HP

This company sold many units of this model worldwide and now going to start delivering in India because some people have booked who afford it. Further, people who are using it are satisfied with its performance because this is a much better vehicle as compared to others and its speed is much higher. Further, Deus Vayanne Price in India mentioned without excise duty.

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