Lamborghini Gallardo Price in India: Is it Available?

Match up with other sports type cars that are favorite in India, such as the Ferrari or McLaren, the Gallardo has its own worth in terms of price, performance, and brand prestige. Each of these vehicles is priced in an almost similar range. They are best for a type of buyers who are lesser price sensitive and more focused on the exceptionality. Of course, Lamborghini Gallardo price in India is come in budget of those who has very good fortune. Moreover, evolution of this class of cars is inclined by the improving economic scenario. The growing number of high net worth individuals plays a major role in it.

Lamborghini Gallardo Price in India:

With increasing desire for this brand, the demand for cars like the Gallardo is expected to rise. Further price of Lamborghini Gallardo in India is close to “INR 28 Million”.  Depend on manufacturing model and import year, this may change from it.

Price INR 28 Million (Approximate)

The Lamborghini Gallardo with its head turning design and impressive specs remains a coveted car in India despite its heavy price label. For the selected few who can afford, this is surely plays a role in making their garage perfect.

Is Lamborghini Gallardo Available in India?

Of some previous models, Gallardo is available in India but they are couple or three in number. Maybe, some one other own it but they hide their identity. A truth is that it’s a big risk to take such cars on open road.

Available Status Yes

Facts about Gallardo

A beauty that fundamentally takes it to another level is the top speed. Meanwhile, pick to touch maximum level in very short time is showing great engine power.

Top Speed 323 KM h
Mileage About 6 Kilo meter per liter
Ground Clearance 110 mm
Engine hp 542

ideal car

Now view the history of this model then about two decades ago, Gallardo was put in as a advance model of Lamborghini. In very short time, it became the best selling model in this brand history. Many of new things are seen in this sports beauty. And after such time; Lamborghini Gallardo still able to beat any other and every of coming model is superior than the previous. But Indians are quite missing it, even normal rich person as well.

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