Mclaren Solus GT Price in India, Top Speed, Horsepower

The latest sports model Mclaren Solus GT comes in India but its worth is high. According to media reports only 25 units have been made by the company across the world. People are interested to know the Mclaren Solus GT Price in India which is approx INR 26 Crore. Interested people looking at engine specs which is a 5.2 L engine installed that produces 817hp along with 648Nm. A 7-speed sequential transmission system has been inserted.

Mclaren Solus GT Price in India

The estimated price of Mclaren Solus GT is INR 26,000,0000. This is an imported vehicle because officially it is not launched in India but people are imported from other countries.

Mclaren Solus GT Price in Indian Rupees INR 26,000,0000

mclaren solus gt

Mclaren Solus GT Top Speed

This is a sports vehicle and every one looking at the Mclaren Solus GT top speed which is around 325kmph. On the other hand, this vehicle competes with the speed of Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Top Speed of Mclaren Solus GT 325kmph

Mclaren Solus GT Horsepower

Engine power is much higher and people who like racing they asking for the horsepower of the Mclaren Solus GT which is 817hp.

Horsepower 817Hp

Mclaren Solus GT Engine Specs

A special type of engine has been inserted which does not exist in another vehicle. People who like this vehicle now demand engine specification which is listed in the table.

Engine Displacement 5.2 Liters
Engine Type V10
Horsepower 817hp
Maximum Torque 479Nm

Mclaren Solus GT Interior

People first see the interior because it is very matter able. Mclaren Solus interior is fabulous as well as the interior room, dashboard design, steering wheel, airbags, seat style, and luxury armrest are too unique.

mclaren solus gt interior

The automobile trend has changed among the young generation because they like sports-type vehicles that speed too high. According to people’s need Mclaren Solus GT manufacture and till now above 25 units has been sold. Further, Mclaren Solus GT Price in India is given but import duty is not included in this price.

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