Hummer Car Price in India 2024, H3, H2 and H1 Top Model

The year 2024 marks a groundbreaking moment for automotive supporters across India. The much expected  return is of the Hummer car price in India 2024 with H3, H2 and H1. These top model has sent waves of excitement through the country. With an illustrious history of power, performance, and presence, Hummer has always been hoped for with boldness and ruggedness. Anyone from the H3, H2, and H1 is set to attract everyone on the roads.

Hummer H3 Car Price in India 2024

Power, Passion, Prestige, these are the words that come to mind when we think of the Hummer brand. From conquering the world most challenging ground conditions to making a new style on the city streets. Hummer has always been in a league of its own. Now, in 2024, Hummer is making a triumphant comeback.

More over, the H3, often signaled to as the “solid” Hummer, is anything but small when it comes to power and capability. This rugged SUV is perfect for those who like to go on adventure and demand performance. With its off road capability is simply excellent.

Price  INR 92 Lack (Approximate)

“Major Specs Hummer H3 Car”

Engine Power 3700 Cc
Car Types SUV
Fuel Tank Capacity 87 Litter
Tyre Price ₹ 45,000 (approximate)
Top Speed 156 kilometers per hour
Fuel Consumption 16 miles per gallon in city and 18 MPG on highway
Tyre Size 285/75 R16
Mileage 14 (Kilo meter per Liter)

Hummer H3 Car

Hummer H2 Car Price:

Now move on, to Hummer h2 car price in India that has always been the model especially design for the adventurous. With its imposing presence and high end features, this mid size SUV is sure to turn heads wherever it goes.

Price  INR 80 Lack (Approximate)

 “Major Spec of H2”

Fuel Average 3.5 kilometers per liter (Approximately)
Engine 3700 cc
Mileage 2 to 3 KM/L (city) and 3 to 4 KM/L (highway)
Fuel storage 122 Lt

Hummer H2 Car

Hummer H1 Price in India:

It is worth reviewing how the Hummer H1 Car Price in India, the Hummer that started it all. Known for its military roots and uncompromising ruggedness, the H1 is the choice of adventurers who seek the most challenging paths.

Price  INR 1.58 crore (Approximate)

 “Major Spec of H1”

Weight 3680 kg
Transmission Automatic
Width 2,197 mm
Mileage 24 L/100 km

Return to the Hummer Car Price in India 2024 of every of its top model then its in millions. But its also reality that with models like the H3, H2, and H1, Hummer is still push the boundaries of new things while staying true to its iconic heritage. No other jeep is still in market that completely replace it and this is the beauty of this big vehicle.

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