Dodge Tomahawk Price in India, Top Speed KM/H

The response to the Dodge Tomahawk in India is indicative of a broader trend. Demand for this and other foreign motorcycles is on the rise that is signaling a potential influx of similar high end options in the future. This trend also shows the changing tastes of Indian people. With this, the Dodge Tomahawk price in India is enough to get idea of its import status. Even its price in the US is also of around a hefty sum. And in this country, after including import duties, taxes, and other levies, the total amount escalates considerably.

Dodge Tomahawk Price in India:

This price point of Dodge Tomahawk in India is placing it among the most expensive motorcycles that are very rare. Despite its steep cost, the Tomahawk has stirred huge attention from consumers, especially among the rich motorcycle aficionados. It competes with other big motorcycles through the unique shape and performance capabilities set it apart.

Approx. Price Tag INR 85 Million

Anybody purchase a Dodge Tomahawk in India is clearing this person financial capability. The practical aspects with maintenance and servicing require special attention due to the different type of build and rarity of parts. Prospective owners must consider the infrastructure and availability of expert servicing to maintain it too.

Dodge Tomahawk Top Speed KM/H:

One of a great attraction is the top speed of Dodge Tomahawk in KM/H and definitely it will open your eyes. At start they plan to generate 680 KM per hour speed from it but later on company decrease it to 480 Kilo meter per hour. But still it is super fast and very difficult for anyone to compete it.

Top Speed in KM/H Maximum to 480

The outer look of Dodge Tomahawk is electrifying as it purely seem to ready for a battle. That’s why, its hard to allow for Indian govt that they allow it for the regular streets.

“Imp Facts of Dodge Tomahawk”

Weight 680 Kilo Gram
Horsepower 791
Mileage N/A
Engine CC 8,285

fastest one

In few years, the splendor bikes line in India has been expanding rapidly. The entrance of Dodge Tomahawk is aligning with the trend of increased request for premium choices. However, this entry is probably ready for many challenges, as India’s regulations will bump in final retail price of such gigantic amount bike.

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