Ford Mustang 1967 Price in India

One of the oldest models which name Ford Mustang 1967 is still attractive to people and high a highly demand able vehicle in India. What is the approximate Ford Mustang 1967 price in India which is 3.5 Crore? The outer body of this model is made with a specific design while the interior design is old but pretty. V8, 3.3L engine comes in Mustang 1967 while it was launched with two different variants like Manual and Automatic transmission. Comparing the current Indian market price to its original retail price in the US presents an interesting economic study.

Ford Mustang 1967 Price in India

The imported vehicle Ford Mustang 1967 accurate price figure yet not exists because this is not available in applied for condition but exists in used. So, the price depends on model, condition, engine and some other. Approx price of Mustang 1967 is:

₹ 35,00,0000

Ford Mustang 1967

“Major Specs of Ford Mustang 1967”

Before buying everyone must check the Ford Mustang 1967 Specs which just only exist in this model. Fans of it may also like mazda rx7 because both are legend automobiles. Moreover, main feature of mustang clear the difference in between them.

Engine Displacement 3.3 Liter
Engine Type V8
Body Type Sedan
Seating Capacity 2
Maximum Torque 579 Nm
Horsepower 320 hp


Consider the scheme of this Ford Mustang 1967 colors then it comes in different colors but in which shade this car is imported in India. With time, they become more rare that also increase the demand of original paint.

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Grey
  4. Silver
  5. Red


The audience is excited to see the Mustang 1967 Interior because the seat design, dashboard, gearbox, steering wheel, and many other things do not compare with the latest vehicle’s interior. Any of boy like the old models, must search for it.

Ford Mustang 1967 Interior

Fuel Consumption:

The engine of it is made with old technology so that’s why purchase is little bit concern in the fuel mileage of this vehicle which is approximately 8 to 10 km under one liter of petrol.

Fuel Average 8 to 10 KM

A few units of it are still for purpose of sale in India but their prices are not the same. Moreover, the engine sound of this model is outclassed and people who are using this vehicle already are highly satisfied with them. Further, the Ford Mustang 1967 Price in India is INR 35 Million and you can verify this from the local market.

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