Delage D12 Price in India, Top Speed, Engine

In the price range of 16 Crore, Delage D12 will be available in Indis soon. The most interesting fact about this vehicle is this is single-door. Only one person can sit in this car. This is popular in the racing field due to its high speed. 7.6 Liter engine has been installed while it is V12 technology along with 990Hp. Right now this vehicle has not been launched in India but is also available which is imported not locally assembled. Moreover, you cannot drive this car on a local track because it has been made for a specific track.

Delage D12 Top Speed Price in India

Due to the high speed, every demand for this car is rising and even people who belong to Bharat looking at Delage D12 Price in India which is 16 Crore Indian rupees. To truly understand the worth of the vehicle, it is essential to break down the features that contribute to its premium pricing.

Price INR 16,000,0000
  • Top Speed:

As per people’s opinion, the top speed of Delage D12 is 360kmph. This is the unique point of its popularity. People who like racing demand high-speed vehicles.

Top Speed 360 kilometers per hour

Delage D12

“Major Specs of Delage D12”

Transmission 8 Speed Dual Clutch Transmission
Engine 7598 Cc Electric Engine
Top Speed 360 kilometers per hour
Weight 1390 kg
Horsepower 1100

Delage D12


No doubt, Delage d12 engine technology and 7.6 Liters engine power have been installed. Till now this type of engine does not exist in another vehicle. Before buying people must check the engine and then make a final decision.

Engine Cc 7598 Cc


Everybody seeking the Delage D12 owner who designed and manufactured this vehicle, whose name is Laurent Tapie. Till now many units have been sold by this company.

Owner Name Laurent Tapie

On local roads ground clearance of this vehicle is not good as well as if you are interested in buying then it is necessary to drive on a specific track. Further, approx Delage D12 Price in India is mentioned. But if they announce to launch in India then we will update.

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