Ford Bronco Price in India 2024 Wildtrak vs Raptor and Badlands

With 9 different variants, Ford Bronco is launched but its most demanded models are Wildtrak, Raptor, and Badlands. Right now in SUV jeep type vehicles, Ford Bronco price in India 2024 is different for every of variant and is approximately begin from INR 49,55,066. All variants rates are different because their specs and features have changed. For off road and mountain areas this is perfect because it’s built a quality manufacturer according to such areas. Moreover, in all variants, a 2.7L engine is inserted that is enough for such body type.

Ford Bronco Price in India 2024

There is difference in the starting price of the Ford Bronco In India from any of the three variant. But they all are liked and just majority of people demand these ones.

Wildtrak Price in Indian Rupees Approx INR 49,55,066

Ford Bronco Wildtrak Price in India

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Ford Bronco Raptor Price in India 2024

Without import duties, the estimated Ford Bronco Raptor Price is more then Wildtrak. After import duties price of this vehicle will automatically rise.

Raptor Approx INR 74,13,817

Bronco Badlands Price in India

Among its lovers, Ford Bronco Badlands is a well known variant and at this time several people like off-road driving. Every one looking cost of the Badlands variant which is:

Badlands Approx INR 40,71,472
  • Price Comparison {Approx}
Wildtrak Raptor Badlands
INR 49,55,066 INR 74,13,817 INR 40,71,472

Top Speed km/h

This is special for off road driving with such a great top speed as its fit with racing. The top speed of the Ford Bronco is 161km.

Top Speed 161 km

Launch Date in India

In October & November, Ford company officially launched Brono in India with all variants. When Bronco launches the booking of this vehicle will be started by the company.

Launch Date in India October & November

Mileage 2024

8 to 10 KM is the fuel average of Ford Bronco all variants. But if you drive on a highway then maybe its mileage will increase. Till now according to people’s reviews, this is the latest info about mileage.

Fuel Average 8 to 10 KM


Best quality material is used for the front dashboard as well in the middle company installed big LCD which are android. In addition, unique design steering comes with different specs and features.



The outer shape of the Ford Bronco looks like a Jeep. Outer design cannot be compared with another vehicle as well as Allow wheel inserted which is made with a specific style. Moreover, on the top roof, they inserted a special type of stand to carry luggage and other things.


In this vehicle, 5 people easily travel in this car and it looks like people are confused about the body. So, its outer body comes in the SUV category and this is 1st vehicle Ford comes with 9 different variants but each variant’s prices and some specs have changed. Further, Ford Bronco price in India 2024 along with Raptor, and Badlands available but without import duty.

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