Dodge Challenger Price in India 2024 Black Ghost Hellcat, Top Speed

From day one, the Dodge Challenger has been a favorite vehicle for everybody and in India its demand is high. Anyone like old design cars that are very fast must prefer this vehicle. Dodge Challenger price in India 2024 is INR 9 Million to INR 11 Million. Start from the supercharge SRT 6.2L engine which gives such a fantastic horse power of almost 797. While both of its transmissions have their own result in term of speed. Especially the young generation who like Dodge Challenger looking top speed of it.

Dodge Challenger Price in India 2024

Prices of Dodge Challenger are different because it is imported and price depends on body and engine condition. But the rounded price figure of the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Black Ghost is approximately:

Range of Price INR 90,00,000 to INR 110,00,000 (Approx.)

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost Top Speed

Due to high high capacity engine, people ask about the top speed of the Dodge Challenger which is 325 kmph. No doubt in the sedan category this vehicle’s speed is too high compared to others.

Top Speed 
Up to 325 km/h

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

Mileage Per Litre

Supercharge engine technology introduced gives good mileage. Around 7 to 9 KM is fuel consumption under one liter of petrol. The fuel average is better than other same-engine power vehicles.

Although these type of things have not considered by such type of vehicle owners. But some fans may has interest in them.

Fuel Average About 5 to 6 KM

Dodge Challenger Launch Date in India

Till now, info about the launch date of the Dodge Challenger is not reliable because the company information officer has yet not issued any statement regarding the launch in India.

Launch Date 
Update Soon


Any of formal showroom of dodge challenger is not operating at the moment in India. Moreover, facts that 1st time just come in Dodge Challenger Black Ghost available for an audience who always like it.

Ground clearance 130 mm
Horsepower 375
Engine 3597 cc
Discontinued No
Petro Or Diesel Petrol


Most of time, the Dodge Challenger is seen in four color shades are given in the below image because sometimes people do not understand from name.

Dodge Challenger Interior

In latest model of the Dodge Challenger Black Ghost is updated because in previous model’s interior was too old but unique. So, the company has changed interior design and accessories. Have a look at the below image of the latest interior.


The exterior body shape of the Dodge Challenger is fabulous especially the front facelift looks stunning. Round-shaped headlight inserted with beautiful style front bumper.

Dodge Challenger Black Ghost

Just not in India, Dodge vehicles are famous worldwide but in India, their demand is rising day by day. Its outer shape is is too trendy and when people see 1st time they must check the prices and specs. The latest model of the Dodge Challenger is different as compare to price of previous model in India. Even though the company changed the outer shape but the concept is almost similar as the old one.

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