Benelli 300 Price in India 2024 Top Speed, Mileage

The Benelli 300, a good presence in the Indian motorcycle field has consistently gained recognition. It seem like that Benelli 300 price in India is set around “₹ 365,000“. This will fulfill the dream of riders who want a taste of Italian manufacturing without spending millions in 2024. One of the key selling points that differentiate it with other is unique body and performance. With this kind of engine power under the hood, you can expect to deliver a stimulating riding experience.

Benelli 300 Price in India

With such price of Benelli 300 in India, purchasers are probably happy now as it come in normal capacity. Meanwhile, it is more different from the local ones and speed is also better as well. The other scenarios will clear more when it will come on road.

Approx. Price ₹ 365,000

Top Speed:

With perspective of top speed, Benelli 300 speed does not disappoint either. It is capable of reaching a top speed of approximately 154 kilometers per hour .This bike is really strong in the 300cc category, and it’s great for people whose like  fast.

Max Speed 154 KM h

“Major Specs of Benelli 300”

Fuel tank Capacity 16 L
Seat Height 795 millimeters
Tyre size Front: 120/70-17, Back: 160/60-17
weight 196 Kg
Mileage 25 kilometers per liter
Top Speed 154 kilometers per hour

benelli 300

Benelli 300 Mileage Per Liter

It is also important to think about how well it uses fuel. This is especially important in India where fuel costs can become expensive over time. The Benelli 300 has good fuel efficiency for its type.

Typically, riders can expect it to go around 28-32 kilometers on one liter of fuel. This thing is depending on how you ride and the condition of the road. So, it is a good option for everyday commutes and long trips because it has a good balance between power and efficiency.

Mileage Per Liter 25 kilometers

Taking everything into account, Benelli 300 Price in India 2024 Top Speed and Mileage is set to be an exciting addition to the Indian vehicle market. With its competitive pricing, impressive top speed, and mileage, it has the potential to win riders trust. Whether you are a seasoned rider or someone considering their first big bike. So, for a new bike buyers and they need a one that has almost all in it then must consider it now.

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