Czinger 21C Price in India, Top Speed, Engine Horsepower

Another imported car model Czinger 21C now exists in India but it is the most expensive vehicle. Czinger 21C Price in India is approx 18,000,0000. This is fully made according to racing track as well as a 2.8 Liter twin turbo type engine which produces 1250hp. In addition, a 7 speed gearbox is available. Only two people can sit in this car because it is specified for just a racing track. People who come from India ask for the price of this model which is above INR 180 Million.

Czinger 21C Price in India

The estimated price of Czinger 21C is INR 18,000,0000 which is too much. Its outer look of Czinger is outclassed and when people see they must search out its price.

Price in Indian Rupees (Approx.) INR 18,000,0000
Price in Dollars (Approx.) 2 Million Dollars

You may match it with the Delage D12 Price in India or else with Pagani Zonda R Price as they all are the quality and fall in same category. Further, again choice matter a lot in such selection.

Czinger 21C Top Speed

The top speed of the Czinger car is around 410kmph. This vehicle beat the speed of the Pagani and Delage models. If you like high speed cars then it is the best option.

Top Speed 410KM

Engine Horsepower

V8 Twin turbo engine that  is Cc is 2.88 which produces 1250hp is part of Czinger 21C. This power boosts the speed of this vehicle and it comes in the list of high speed cars.

Horsepower 1250Hp


Every second person who like such automobiles want to see which new specs have been added in this vehicle that does not exist in another.

  • 2.88L engine is available in Czinger 21C.
  • The engine type is a twin-turbocharged V8.
  • Its maximum torque value is 746 Nm.
  • This vehicle is no of 8 cylinders.

Czinger 21C


A most important debate is about which color is suitable for this car or how many shades have been introduced by the company.

  • Red
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • White
  • Silver
  • Black


An overall weight of this vehicle is significant for road grip. Most famous racers use this vehicle and its weight is 1250 KG.

Czinger 21C Weight 1250 KG

The body style of Czinger 21C is to cope as well this model demand increases day by day. Furthermore, the interior and exterior design of Czinger is fabulous. Further, in the international market, the price of Czinger 21C is around 2 Million Dollars and this is quite right for such racing choice.

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