ZX25R Price in India 2024, Launch Date, Top Speed

The Kawasaki, also referred to as the Ninja ZX-25R, is getting the attention of motorcycle fans with its exceptional features. Now we give the detail of  ZX25R Price in India 2024, finding its launch date and top speed. The pricing approach adopted for this model marks a significant shift in making premium motorbike experiences available to a wider range of riders. This combination of speed and stability makes it a standout in its category. The most notable feature of its engine and combination of its lightweight chassis, with sporty geometry makes it a joy to ride,

ZX25R Price in India 2024

Furthermore, another aspect that every buyer wants to know before purchasing their dream bike is its price. According to the rumors, the expected ZX25R Price in India for 2024 is around 8.5 lack, which is expensive, but this price now holds much value for bike lovers.

Price ₹ 8.5 lack

Any of you can make a parallel comparison with Kawasaki ZX10R price and able to pick the right ride. Hope so, it will work for you.

“Major Specs of ZX25R”

Mileage Per Liter 25 kilometers per liter
Seat Height 785 millimeters
Fuel Capacity 15 L
Engine 249 Cc
Weight 180 KG
Engine Oil Capacity 2.9 Liter
Top Speed 187 kilometers per hour

ZX25R Price

Launch Date:

Indian people are excitedly waiting for their favorite ZX25R launch date in India in 2024, and now the wait is over as it is expected to be in the market by the end of this year.

Launch In the End of 2024

Top Speed:

The ZX25R top speed is an evidence of Kawasaki engineering capability. Clocking impressive speeds, this bike is not just about raw power but also about refined performance.

  • With a top speed that challenges the limits, this bike is set to control the roads and the hearts of speed ninja.
Top Speed 187 kilometers per hour


What makes the ZX25R stand out in its category?

The ZX25R combines exceptional speed, cutting-edge technology, and a stylish design, setting it apart in its category.

Is the ZX25R suitable for daily commuting?

Absolutely. Its ergonomic design ensures comfort, making it ideal for daily commuting and long rides alike.

What safety features does the ZX25R offer?

The ZX25R comes equipped with advanced safety features, including ABS, traction control, and more, ensuring a secure ride.

To put it all together, ZX25R Price in India 2024, launch date with top speed is hot topic for the buyers. Its launch in India is set to redefine biking standards, offering an outstanding blend of speed, and sporty style. Stay tuned for this thrilling addition to the Indian biking place.

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