Zontes 350R Price in India 2024, Launch Date, Mileage

The bikes fans have all set their eyes on Zontes because this motorcycle maker is planning to add another variant in their collection. Hope so that the Zontes 350R price in India 2024 will decide wisely and final launch date too. Finalized to deliver an different and better performance, this bike is bound to turn heads wherever it goes. Remember that the world have already admire it and now got the attention of Indians as well. It’s going to change the way this country think about this type vehicle.

Zontes 350R Price in India 2024

In fact, rate is often a make or break factor when it comes to choosing a motorcycle. The Zontes 350R price in India 2024 is a fine balance between buying potential and premium spec. These two are the main factors that everyone must consider now .

Price INR 3,40,000 (Approx.)

“Major Specs of Zontes 350R”

Mileage 50 (Kilo meter per Liter)
Seat Height 795 Millimeter
Top Speed 160 (Kilo meter per Liter)
Tyre Size Front 120/70-16, Back 160/60-16

Zontes 350R

Zontes 350R Launch Date in India

An official company launch date for the Zontes 350R in India is not let out. But they tried that launch event must be electrifying and attract lovers from all over the country.

 Launch Date Not Yet Public

Mileage Per Liter in India

When you are out on the open road, the last thing you want is to constantly worry about fuel stops. The Zontes 350R addresses this concern with its impressive mileage. Offering 50 km/l, this motorcycle ensures you spend more time riding and less time refueling.

Average 50 (Kilo meter per Liter)

You are planning a weekend getaway or a cross country adventure. At that time, the Zontes 350R’s excellent mileage ensures you can cover more ground without breaking the bank. It’s a perfect companion for those who yearn for long rides and exploration.

Important queries:

Is the Zontes 350R suitable for beginners?

The Zontes 350R is designed to cater to riders of all skill levels. It’s easy to handle for newcomers while offering enough power and performance to satisfy experienced riders.

What are some of the standout features of the Zontes 350R?

It has a range of impressive features, including a powerful engine, advanced suspension, LED lighting, and a sleek, aerodynamic design.

Does Zontes provide after sales support and servicing?

Obviously, they arrange a network of service centers and a plan to good after sales platforms, ensuring that the owner fell more easy.

From all aspects, this motorcycle include the combination of adventure too. While, remain up to date yourself for the Zontes 350R price in India 2024, launch date with best mileage. Must take the ride of a lifetime, select this bike and approach destination quickly on such stylish option.

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