Top 10 Indian Technology YouTubers: Short Bios

Top 10 Indian Technology YouTubers

YouTube has become a hub for content creators across various niches, and the realm of technology is no exception. With the ever-evolving landscape of gadgets, software, and innovations, Indian YouTubers have carved out their space, offering insightful reviews, tutorials, and commentary on all things tech. Let’s delve into the profiles of the top 10 Indian technology YouTubers who have garnered significant followings and influence in the digital sphere.

Technical Guruji

With over 24 million subscribers, Technical Guruji reigns supreme in the Indian tech YouTube community. Gaurav Chaudhary, the man behind the channel, brings a wealth of knowledge and a charismatic persona to his content. Known for his detailed smartphone reviews, unboxings, and tech explainers in Hindi, he has become a household name for tech enthusiasts across India.


Ranjit Kumar, better known as Geekyranjit, boasts a subscriber base of over 4 million. Specializing in gadget reviews, Kumar provides comprehensive insights into the latest smartphones, laptops, and other tech products. His articulate presentation style and in-depth analysis make his channel a go-to destination for those looking to make informed tech purchases.

Tech Burner

Shlok Srivastava, the creative force behind Tech Burner, has amassed a subscriber base of over 5 million with his engaging tech-centric content. From smartphone reviews and tech news to quirky gadget experiments, Srivastava offers a diverse range of content catering to tech enthusiasts of all ages. His humorous approach and relatable content have helped him build a loyal fan base. Additionally, there’s significant interest in Tech Burner net worth, reflecting his immense success and influence in the tech YouTube community.


Ashwin Ganesh, the face behind C4ETech, has established himself as a prominent figure in the Indian tech YouTube community. With a subscriber count exceeding 2.5 million, Ganesh offers thorough reviews, comparisons, and tutorials primarily focusing on smartphones and related accessories. His straightforward approach and attention to detail resonate well with viewers seeking authentic opinions.

Technical Sagar

Abhishek Sagar, known professionally as Technical Sagar, is renowned for his expertise in cybersecurity and ethical hacking. With over 2 million subscribers, his channel serves as a valuable resource for individuals interested in learning about digital security, Ethical hacking techniques, and internet privacy. Sagar’s tutorials and informative content cater to both beginners and experienced tech enthusiasts.

Trakin Tech

Amit Bhawani, the founder of Trakin Tech, has amassed a subscriber base of over 2.5 million with his tech-focused content. From smartphone reviews and industry news to app recommendations and buying guides, Bhawani covers a wide array of topics relevant to the modern tech consumer. His straightforward reviews and practical insights help viewers make informed decisions.


Amit Bhawani, the same name behind Trakin Tech, also runs the channel GizmoGyan, catering to a diverse audience interested in tech tutorials, tips, and tricks. With over 1.5 million subscribers, GizmoGyan offers engaging content on topics ranging from smartphone customization to troubleshooting common tech issues. Bhawani’s knack for simplifying complex concepts makes his channel accessible to viewers of all skill levels.

Gogi Tech

Gogi Rana, the brains behind Gogi Tech, has garnered a loyal following of over 1.2 million subscribers with his tech reviews and gadget recommendations. Specializing in smartphones, Rana provides comprehensive coverage of the latest devices, emphasising aspects such as performance, camera quality, and battery life. His candid approach and hands-on demonstrations set his channel apart in the competitive tech YouTube landscape.

Gadget Diary

Akshay Aggarwal, the face of Gadget Diary, offers a blend of informative reviews, tutorials, and tech news updates on his channel. With over 1 million subscribers, Aggarwal caters to tech enthusiasts seeking detailed insights into smartphones, laptops, audio devices, and more. His engaging presentation style and honest assessments make Gadget Diary a trusted source for tech-related content.

Gizmo Maniac

Yes, you read it right! Amit Bhawani makes another appearance on our list with his channel Gizmo Maniac, which boasts over 1 million subscribers. Focusing on gadget reviews, app recommendations, and industry insights, Gizmo Maniac complements Bhawani’s other channels by offering a diverse range of tech-centric content. Whether you’re looking for the latest smartphone recommendations or tips to enhance your digital productivity, Gizmo Maniac has you covered.

In conclusion, these top 10 Indian technology YouTubers have not only amassed significant subscriber bases but have also established themselves as trusted voices in the realm of tech reviews, tutorials, and commentary. With their diverse expertise and engaging content, they continue to shape and influence the digital preferences of tech enthusiasts across India. Whether you’re in search of the latest smartphone recommendations or want to stay updated on industry trends, these YouTubers have something valuable to offer to every tech-savvy viewer.


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