Supra MK4 Price in India 2024, Top Speed, Mileage

The latest generation of Supra MK4 get attention because its previous generations are too popular. The approximate Supra MK4 Price in India 2024 is around INR 8.5 Million. As well as a 6 Cylinder engine with a power of 3,000Cc inserted that produces 330hp. Many in the MK generation come with manual transmission and its gearbox is 6 speed. Due to its sports look and Cope body style, it generate fast speed that may touch 260kmph or more then this.

Supra MK4 Price in India 2024

In resale, the cost of Supra MK4 in India is INR 85,00,000 because it’s officially not assemble in this country but you can import it. So, that’s why its price is much high. Further, this is a new generation vehicle price but maybe its old model exists under a low rate.

Price INR 85,00,000 {Approx}

As one match it with the Supra MK5 price in India then MK4 is in lower amount. One reason is that its from previous model and second its bit less in spec as well.

Supra MK4

Toyota Supra MK4 Top Speed:

The basic point of this vehicle’s popularity is the top speed of the Toyota Supra MK4 which is 260kmph. Many famous racers are using this vehicle when they take a part in race.

Top Speed 260 kmph

Supra MK4 Mileage | Fuel Average:

The fuel consumption of the Toyota Supra MK4 is not good because its engine is not made with hybrid technology as well as under one-liter fuel its mileage is 8 to 10 KM.

Fuel Average 8 to 10 KM
  • Is this is easy to buy in India?

Few of Supra MK4 units are in India but people expect it to find and buy in some easy way. This is only possible, if an dedicated showroom start work on it.

MK4 Colors:

The most popular Toyota Supra is Red but it was launched globally in 4 different colors. Names of all colors and their shade in image form are listed below.

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Turquoise Metallic

Unique Features

Some features of Supra MK4 are unique that cannot exist in other vehicles and make them different. A few features are pointing out there.

  • Power Steering
  • Halogen headlights
  • Alloy Wheels
  • Turbocharge Engine
  • 4-speed automatic and 6-speed manual gearbox
  • ABS Braking system.


  • The new model Supra interior is gorgeous because manually adjustable seats are inserted with unique style leather.
  • Digital meter inserted with many of other useful function and steering loaded with different specs.
  • Elegant design dashboard manufacture and in mid company inserted big size LED.

Supra MK4 Interior

“Tank Capacity”

21 Gallon is the fuel storage of Supra MK4 but if we convert it into liters which is 80 liters. As per the requirement and demand its fuel tank size is perfect.

Fuel Tank Size 80 Liters {21 Gallon}

“Engine Cc”

The engine type of Supra MK4 which has been installed is a Twin-turbocharged and intercooled inline-6 cylinder and its power is 3,000Cc.

Engine Cc 3,000 Cc

The outer body of the MK4 is much more attractive as compared to the previous model as well unique style allows wheels in this model. Further, all major details which are important for every customer regarding Supra MK4 Price in India 2024 are must to consider before start searching. After idea about such points, deal become more easy.

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