SP Automotive Chaos Price in India, Top Speed, Engine

With a displacement of a 3.9 L engine, Sp Automotive Chaos is ready to launch in India for under 6.5 Million Dollars. People looking SP Automotive Chaos Price in India is approx 50 Crore in India rupees. The horsepower of SP Automotive Chaos is 4000Hp because a twin-turbocharged V10 engine has been inserted. No sports vehicle exists that gives the same horsepower. Moreover, the top speed of SP Automotive Chaos is 500kmph.

SP Automotive Chaos Price in India

Chaos has been launched in different countries but now according to market rumors, it will be available in the coming year. The approximate price of SP Automotive Shaos is INR 50,000,0000.

SP Automotive Chaos top speed INR 50,000,0000

SP Automotive Chaos

SP Automotive Chaos Top Speed

The top speed of SP Automotive Chaos is 500kmph. This is the main unique point of its popularity. Top Speed of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Buggati do not compete.

Top Speed 500kmph

SP Automotive Chaos Engine

  1. The engine power of SP Automotive is 3955Cc.
  2. Engine horsepower is 4000hp.
  3. V10 Twin turbocharged is the engine type.
  4. The maximum torque value is 1389Nm.

SP Automotive Chaos Owner Name

People want to know the owner of SP Automotive Chaos which is Panos Ismailos. Chaos is the idea of this company owner because they were interested in making superfast vehicles.

Owner Panos Ismailos

SP Automotive Chaos Colors

Right now, four colors are available in SP Automotive Chaos which are listed below. Before booking a new vehicle people must choose the colors.

  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Grey

In the field of racing, this vehicle demand is rising day by day but people now people required in India who afford this vehicle. The fuel average of this vehicle is not good because the big engine is inserted to increase the top speed. In addition, the engine type is clearly mentioned above. Further, if the company officially launches in India then we will update the audience.

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