Piaggio X10 500 Price in India, Launch Date

A new addition in the scooters is very attractive in form of Piaggio X10 500. But the main thing is Piaggio X10 500 Price in India along with launch date. This Italian scooter has a mix of good looks, power, and new ideas, and it’s expected to be a big deal in the market. When compared to its competitors, the X10 500 stands out for its Italian design and superior build quality. It might cost more than some others, but it’s worth it because it comes with advanced features. When it comes out, it is not just a ride, it will be an exciting experience.

Piaggio X10 500 Price in India

When one look at the cosst, the Piaggio X10 500 manages to be both fancy and reasonably priced. Even though we don’t know the exact price yet, it’s expected to be in a range ₹7.50 lack that will be very tempting for Indian buyers. This pricing plan makes it really attractive, as it provides luxury and power.

Price ₹7.50 lack (Expected)

“Piaggio x10 500 Major specs”

Kerb Weight 105 kilograms
Top Speed 85 Miles Per Hour
Fuel Average
  • Motorway: Approximately 287 kilometers per liter
  • City: Approximately 9.304 kilometers per liter
Tank Capacity 15.5 Liter
Seat capacity 2 Person
Seat height  760 millimeters

Launch Date:

The excitement for the Piaggio x10 500 launch date in India is increasing. It is likely to be available for use soon and for a specific group of customers.

This bike is aimed at city riders who want a mix of luxury and comfort for their everyday travel.

  • It is a perfect option for people who want a scooter that has features like a car and performs like a motorcycle.
Release Date Yet Not Announced

piaggio x10 500

Top Speed:

At the heart of the Piaggio X10 500 top speed due to a powerful engine, contributing to its impressive. Expected to be one of the fastest in its category, promises an exciting riding experience.

This super speed is the result of innovative engineering combined with both power and efficiency.

Max Speed 85 Miles Per Hour

Generally, What’s Everyone Asking?

What is the expected mileage of the Piaggio X10 500?

It is expected to deliver impressive fuel efficiency without compromising on power.

Will there be financing options available?

Yes, prospective buyers can expect attractive financing options to make their purchase easier.

Is this suitable for long drives?

Absolutely. Its comfortable seating and smooth handling make it ideal for long journeys.

What colors will be available in?

The scooter is expected to come in a range of colors, catering to diverse tastes.

How does it compare with other scooters in its segment?

The Piaggio X10 500 is in a league of its own, with superior performance, design, and technology.

It is about to be released in India and expected to win over both scooter lovers and regular riders. Keep an eye out for its official release, and prepare to explore a ride that offers both great style and impressive power. Piaggio X10 500 Price in India along with launch date. Stay informed for the official launch and must ready to go school or office full of great style.

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