MTT 420rr Price in India, Top Speed

One of a new choice in shape of MTT 420RR is boasting some great speed and power in the world of superbikes. This brand is working on an engineering philosophy of integrating aerospace technology into road transport. On one side, it is something advance and other side is that the MTT 420rr price in India is now at very high level. But rich boy inspired with its top speed will possibly manage a big amount for buying. Further, the engine of this beast is capable of producing a staggering 420 horsepower. And the outer of it speaks volumes of its racing lineage.

MTT 420rr Price in India

With growing interest for this type of bikes, the 420RR is viewed with huge expectation. However, this comes at a premium price. In India, the MTT 420rr price is definitely higher than its base price in the US. This may vary due to some external factors.

It is predicted to that MTT 420rr price in India is more than INR 110 Million that it placing it in the segment of ultra high price motorcycles.

In India, its target market comprises high net worth individuals and hardcore biking fan who want some rarity. In this country there are many families who easily manage it.

MTT 420rr Top Speed:

Just think if you are driving MTT 420rr and touch its top speed close to 270 Miles per hour. Only issue in India is the varied road conditions and the requirement for high maintenance might limit its practicality for regular use.


In MPH 270
IN KM 438

Current situation is that the growing number of superbike friendly highways and the increasing demand of motorcycle touring present significant opportunities for MTT. Moreover culture of bike clubs and such bikes events in India provides an ideal platform for showcasing the 420RR.

outclass speed

“Facts related MTT 420rr”

Engine cc 1978 cc
Company Marine Turbine Technologies
Mileage per liter An idea is about 4 Km per Liter
Horsepower 420
Street Legal Please wait for it

Everything about MTT 420RR be brilliant except price in India as it beyond the reach of the average consumer in India. But it’s in no one hand because of expensive production. Even now there is a big task of finding this bike for purchasing purpose. Maybe in future, issues will get fix that now randomly come regarding price and other resale prospects.

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