Hyundai Santa FE 2024 Model Price in India, Release Date

The latest SUV model of Hyundai company is ready for launch in India. People looking for the Hyundai Santa FE 2024 Model Price in India which is INR 4.5 Million to INR 5.5 Million. In addition, a 2,199 Cc engine has been inserted that produces 194hp. The maximum torque value is 421Nm. People are seeking a transmission type of Hyundai Santa FE which is automatic, not manual. Right now this vehicle has not been launched in India hopefully it is expected to come to the market at the end of this year.

Hyundai Santa FE 2024 Model Price in India

The approximate price of the Hyundai Santa FE 2024 is between INR 4.5 Million to INR 5.5 Million. The Interior and exterior of the Hyundai Santa FE are much more faboluous because its front facelift and room are totally different compared to others.

Hyundai Santa FE 7-Seater Price in India INR 45,00,000 to INR 55,00,000

Hyundai Santa FE

Hyundai Santa FE Release Date in India

According to the company, the Hyundai Santa FE launch date in India is expected in February 2024. Moreover, when they launch they first issue a press release and give invitations to the public.

Launch Date in India February 2023

Hyundai Santa FE Mileage Per Liter

The fuel Mileage of the Hyundai Santa FE is around 10 to 12 km. This vehicle has already launched in India but the company again going to relaunch it with a hybrid engine. This engine is fuel efficient.

Fuel Average 10 to 12 km

Hyundai Santa FE Interior

The interior design of the Hyundai Santa is beautiful. Its seating design is much more comfortable. Dashboard made with special material while it is fully loaded with specs.

Hyundai Santa FE Interior

Hyundai Santa FE Fuel Tank Capacity

The body size of the Hyundai Santa FE is the biggest so definitely its fuel tank size is reasonable because people are giving different opinions. The fuel tank size is 67 Liters.

Fuel Tank Size 67 Liters

Hyundai Santa FE Specifications

Some important specs of the Hyundai Santa FE are listed which does not exist in the previous model. The company introduced first time in this vehicle.

Engine Displacement 2,199Cc
Horsepower 194hp
Engine Type V6
Maximum Torque 421Nm
Top Speed 185KMPH
Transmission Automatic

People who are interested in SUV vehicles Now this is a comfortable vehicle. This model comes with hybrid technology and definitely its fuel average will better compared to the previous. Right now the company has not started booking this vehicle because firslty will be launched in India and then start booking. The estimated Hyundai Santa FE 2024 Model Price in India is listed above.

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