DC Avanti Price in India 2024, Top Speed: Is it Stopped or Available?

The DC Avanti has been a identity of pride in India automotive sector. It continues to hold its position as a niche offering in the Indian sports car category. Come to know the DC Avanti price in India 2024, top speed and Is it stopped or available? The current price, reflecting a balance between luxury and accessibility, remains competitive. Over the years, the Avanti has evolved, but has it managed to keep up with the price fluctuations and market demands? The top speed of this vehicle has always been a talking point.

DC Avanti Top Model Price in India

As we are aware that DC Avanti price in India 2024 of the top model new and on road remains is an important factor for potential buyers. Balancing luxury with affordability, the latest model pricing strategy positions it uniquely in the Indian market.

The exact figure of DC Avanti price is estimated at 4 Million Indian rupees. Moreover, everybody knows the seating capacity of this vehicle which is only for two people.

Price  ₹ 4,00,0000

DC Avanti

“Main Specs”

Mileage Petrol 10 Kilometers Per Liter
Max Speed 200 kilometer Per Hour
Engine Power 250 bhp
Tank Capacity 60 liter
Mileage Diesel 10 Kilometers Per Liter
Tyre Size 295/30 R20 101Y
Transmission 250 bhp
Top Speed Six Speed (Manual)

Top Speed in KMPH:

One of the most inspiring aspects of DC Avanti top speed in kmph or DC Avanti top speed without limiter. The 2024 model is particularly without a limiter, showcases the car’s raw power and agility.

The top speed in kmph speaks volumes about the engineering prowess behind this machine, making it a formidable player on Indian roads.

Top Speed 200 kilometer Per Hour

Is it Stopped or Available?

At this time, production of this vehicle has been stopped but it is still available in used condition. Actually, this vehicle production was started in 2012 and closed in 2016.

Stopped or Available Yes, in used condition.

Is the DC Avanti Worth Buying?

This question resonates with potential buyers: is the DC Avanti a good car, and is it worth buying? Evaluating its overall value proposition provides a comprehensive answer. The Avanti is not just a vehicle; it is an evidence.

Engine Specs: Name, Type, and Power:

These details about DC Avanti engine specs not only give insight into the technical prowess but also help in appreciating the engineering thought process behind it.

Engine Name Petrol Turbo 2 Liter
Type Renault 2 L
Power 250 bhp
Engine Cc 1,998 cc


Due to the turbo engine, the fuel average of DC Avanti mileage is around 8 to 10 KM according to people reviews. Further, the company does not issue any statement regarding them.

Mileage 8 to 10 KM


The DC Avanti interior, a marvel in the world of sports cars, stands out not just for its striking exterior but also for its luxurious and innovative interior.

One of its most notable features is the customizable ambient lighting, which allows drivers to set the mood inside the cabin. Additionally, the car features a state of the art climate control system.

DC Avanti Interior

  • Upholstery and Trim Materials:

Furthermore, this combination provides comfort feel, making the Avanti’s interior both visually appealing and tactilely satisfying.

  • The seats are often cover in premium leather, complemented by accents of carbon fiber and brushed aluminum.

Dashboard Layout:

Unlike many sports cars that opt for a more conventional design, its dashboard is a an ergonomic innovation. The layout is driver centric, with all controls within easy reach.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Designers of this car have paid special attention to ergonomics. The seats are design for maximum support, especially during high speed maneuvers.

The steering wheel and pedal positions are adjustable, ensuring that drivers of all sizes can find their ideal driving position.

  • Instrument Cluster and Display Panels:

Instrument cluster is a combination of analog and digital displays. This hybrid approach provides drivers with easy to read information.

The central display panel offers crucial information about the car performance and status.

  • Balancing Luxury and Functionality:

The layout and design of the interior ensure that all features are functional and enhance the driving experience.

  • Customizable Interior Options:

For those want to personalize their Avanti, the car offers various customizable interior options. These include different color schemes for the upholstery, choice of materials (like leather or Alcantara).


Car showrooms in India are not just places to display cars; they are exciting experiences that grab your attention. Whether you are in the lively city of Delhi or Bangalore, each showroom reflects the impressive nature of DC Avanti.

Get the detail of DC Avanti showroom in India:

Cities Address
Mumbai MIDC, Mumbai
Bangalore 540/567, Ejipura, Bangalore
Chennai 91, Fuso House, Egmore,Tamil Nadu
Hyderabad Road No 12, Hyderabad
Kolkata Castle House, 5/1A, Kolkata
Pune  Survey No-48, Pune
Lucknow 1stFloor, 11/CP-2, Ring Road, Uttar Pradesh


How has the interior evolved in this model?

The 2024 model of the DC Avanti features a refined interior with upgraded modern tech enhancements.

Is the DC Avanti a good car for Indian roads?

Its design suits Indian road conditions, making it a suitable choice for Indian car lovers.

What is the fuel average of DC Avanti?

10 Kilometers Per Liter

What is the top speed of Avanti?

India’s first sports car has a top speed of approximately 200 km/h (124 mph).

Finally, all possible details about the DC Avanti, such as specs, interior, mileage, and other aspects, are not readily accessible. No doubt, production of this vehicle has ceased; nevertheless, people still appreciate this model. Additionally, the DC Avanti Price in India may change in 2024, although it varies based on the model and condition.

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