Bolero New Model 2022 Price in India

Mahindra is prepared to unveil a new Bolero, and the Bolero New Model 2022 Price in India is set at INR 1 Million. When Bolero bookings commence, only a single variant will be available. The outer body of this vehicle resembles a Jeep, and it will feature new specifications not previously found in other Jeeps. The vehicle is equipped with a Manual transmission, and its engine power is 2.0L. Information regarding the seating capacity of the Bolero has not yet been disclosed, and people are eagerly awaiting the launch.

Bolero New Model 2022 Price in India

Another model of Mahindra, named Bolero, is set to be introduced, with an expected price of 1 million Rupees. The actual price will be updated once it reaches the showroom.

Model Name Approx. Price
Mahindra Bolero INR 1 Million

Bolero New Model

New Bolero 2022 Launch Date in India

In November 2022, the launch of this vehicle in India is anticipated, although it is not confirmed. The company has not officially provided any notification regarding the launch date in India.

Launch Date November 2022

Fuel Tank Capacity

Everyone is curious about the size of the fuel tank installed in the New Bolero. The Bolero has a fuel tank storage of approximately 60 liters.

Tank Size 60L

Fuel Average

This vehicle has not hit the road, so that’s why nobody can provide exact details about Bolero Fuel’s mileage. According to engine specs, the expected fuel average of Mahindra Bolero is 14 to 16 km.

Average 14 to 16 KM

Top Speed

The top speed of the new generation Bolero is currently unavailable. However, if we consider the previous model, its top speed is 130 kmph. The company will provide the audience with the top speed of the new Bolero after its launch.

Speed 130KMPH

Engine Performance

Hopefully, the company will develop an engine with new technology. However, they have not yet disclosed detailed specifications and features. Therefore, at this time, we cannot provide any information regarding the engine performance of the Bolero.

Till now, Bolero has not been launched in India but is trending. Most importantly, demand is expected to rise day by day in the automobile market. This vehicle is perfect for off-road rides, especially for those who prioritize northern areas and choose the Mahindra Bolero Jeep as their first preference.

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