Benda LFC700 Price in India, Launch Date, Mileage

Always changing bike world, fans and people looking to buy motorbikes are always excited about what is coming next. In the past few years, there have been many new and strong motorcycles introduced in the Indian market. The Benda LFC700 price in India has become a popular topic with its launch date and mileage. This thing is making people curious about how much it costs, when it will be available. A recent addition to Benda LFC700, a bike that is getting notice for its exciting features. Especially for those who want a bike that performs well but also economical too.

Benda LFC 700 On Road Price in India

For motorcycle fans, one of the initial things they think about is how much it costs. The Benda LFC700 price in India comes with a competitive cost, making it a good option for riders who want affordability. To see how good it is, it’s important to check how it measures up against other bikes in its group.

₹ 8.1 Lack (Approx.)

“Major Specifications”

Mileage Per Liter 17 kilometers
Max Speed 195 kilometers per hour
Engine Type 680 Cc four cylinder
Tank Capacity 18 Liter
Fuel Consumption 20 to 30 kmpl
Seat Height 695 millimeters (Approxi)
Tire Size 310/35 R10 with 8 inch alloy wheels

Benda LFC700

Benda LFC700 Launch Date:

People are usually very excited when a new Benda LFC700 launch date in India is about near. It was introduced to the Indian market between May and June 2024. The launch event will be exciting, as bike fans can not wait to see and experience this new innovative.

Launch Date Expected in May or June 2024


In a world that cares more about saving fuel, how many miles a vehicle can go on a gallon is really important. Even though the exact numbers haven not been revealed yet about the making of this amazing motorbike. Early reports say that the Benda LFC700 mileage is made with efficiency in mind.

How does it compare to other bikes in its group, and what makes it so good when it comes to using fuel efficiently? Looking into these things can help people who are thinking about buying it make smart choices.

Milleage 17 kilometers per liter

Top Speed:

To find out about a motorcycle details, Benda LFC700 top speed.  it is best to check the official sources like the maker’s website, trusted dealers, or recent reviews.

  • Keep in mind that how fast a motorcycle can go depends on different things. For example, how it made, how powerful the engine is, and how much the rider weight.
Top Speed 195 kilometers per hour

Engine and Performance:

One of the strenght of Benda LFC700 is what’s inside the engine. With a modern engine, this vehicle is beaitng many others. Moreover, engine details, emphasizing both power and efficiency, are expected to impress both fans and critics.

Engine 680 Cc

Other Facts:

When is the Benda LFC700 expected to launch in India?

Industry insiders suggest that the launch is imminent, although the exact date is in plan. Keep an eye on official Benda channels for the latest updates.

What sets the Benda LFC700 apart from other motorcycles?

Its futuristic design, advanced technology, and the perfect mix of style make it stand out. It is more than just a motorcycle; it makes a statement.

Is the LFC700 suitable for long rides?

Yes; With its impressive mileage and fuel efficiency, it is design for riders who like long journeys.

What can riders expect in terms of pricing?

While Benda is not reveal the exact price, the brand is know for providing the value. The LFC700 is also hope to be competitively worth as well.

At end, the Benda LFC700 Price in India presence in the Indian market is an interesting exploration. As riders look for bikes that match what they like and need. The special features and competitive position make it a standout choice. Additionally, whether you have been riding for a long time or thinking about buying one, knowing these aspects.

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