Aston Martin Victor Price in India, Top Speed

Well reputed and lavish brand in the auto line that has been famous from previous several years name is Aston Martin. Yes, Victor is the latest model from Aston Martin company which expect in early 2024 in India and now it is demand able. But your eyes will open after knowing the Aston Martin Victor Price in India because its in crores. Obviously this is an automatic transmission vehicle with 8 speed gear box that make it speedy.

Aston Martin Victor Price in India

Approximate the latest price figure of Aston Martin Victor is INR 20,000,0000. Furthermore, this vehicle has not officially launched in India but is available in imported conditions. So that’s why it price depends on the outer body and engine condition.

Price INR 20,000,0000 (Approx.)

Who is the owner of Aston Martin Victor in India?

Although, an showroom of Aston Martin is working in capital city of India but their are many of import difficulties in purchase process of such cars. While, buyers of such high price automobile also avoid to show their identity that’s why we are not presently sure about the owner of Aston Martin Victor in India. Maybe, in future someone buy it openly.

Owner Name Profession
Dr. B. Govindan Chairman of Bhima Jewellers
Ranveer Singh Bollywood Actor
Hrithik Roshan Bollywood Actor

Aston Martin Victor

Top Speed

The highest or Aston Martin Victor top speed is close to 320 KMPH which is the fastest. No doubt in that the company installed a big engine in this vehicle.

Top Speed Nearly 320 KMPH

Major Specs:

Many Aston Martin Victor Specs are heard for the first time because such options make it very special. In addition, a few specs that are most important are here in the below bullets.

Top Speed 200 miles per hour
Engine V12, 7312 cubic centimeters
Torque Value 613 pounds
Transmission Automatic
Weight kerb1660 kilograms
Tank Capacity 7.5 Liters


Right now in the local automobile market is available in a single color which is Pentland Green. On the other hand, if we look at the international market then the availability of Aston Martin Victor Colors is in White, Black, Grey, and Silver.

  • Planted Green
  • Black
  • White
  • Grey
  • Silver


The Aston Martin Victor Interior design is different because this is a racing car and its seats are made according to the racer’s requirements. The unique style steering wheel of Aston Martin Victor has been installed. Furthermore, digital meters are introduced in this vehicle with multiple specs and features.

Aston Martin Victor Interior

In the highly expensive category of vehicles, the Aston Martin comes in the top 5 cars. In addition, the outer shape of this vehicle is too beautiful. And for the knowledge of buyer who afford Aston Martin Victor price in India only can import from another country after completing the required process.

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